At American Winds, we are passionate about aviation! Of the 12 FAA-licensed (Part 141) flight schools in Ohio, we are one of the few in Northeast Ohio. Our mission is to ensure our students receive outstanding flight training. American Winds can provide individuals with an affordable, flexible and convenient means of fulfilling your personal aviation goals. We want you to achieve your aviation goals and that is why our Chief Flight Instructor maintains a high level of personal involvement with every student. The Chief will monitor your training at all levels. You will receive weekly reviews to make sure you meet your objectives, maintain your schedule, and stay on budget.  If you are an international student, your agency and family will receive a progress report.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose American Winds over Competitors
  1. Associate Degrees and Bachelor's Degrees
  2. International reputation as an established academic institution
  3. Part 141 flight school with a proven record of superior academic training
  4. Two time award winning company - New emerging business and COSE
  5. Aviation history making - First instrument rated deaf pilot
  6. 12 courses approved by the Federal Aviation Administration
  7. Accelerated program for all flight training courses
  8. Quality aircraft maintained by the flight school
  9. Director of Maintenance on-staff for detailed attention
  10. FAA controlled and uncontrolled towered airports with no delays

What Does American Winds Offer Students?

The following are just a few reasons why American Winds Flight Academy is the premier flight training facility in Northeast Ohio:
  • Open seven days a week. We make sure our flight instructors are available to accommodate your scheduling needs … whether it is 7 A.M. or 9 P.M.

  • An immaculate fleet of aircraft with new engines, new avionics, new paint and new interiors! Our aircraft are subject to rigorous inspections under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 135 & 141.

  • Full-time flight instructors who have decades of combined flight experience and have completed all of the FAA standardized testing. Our ground school is taught in a classroom setting by experienced instructors.

  • All flight instructors and ground crew have undergone extensive ground training, flight standardization program, and credential checks to assure their professionalism and expertise.

  • Full-time FAA-certified A&P aviation mechanic who takes great pride in the upkeep, maintenance and safety of our fleet. We have an IA (Inspector Authorization) on staff to ensure the highest quality maintenance standards for our aircraft are met. 


Personal Involvement with Students

  • Receive weekly reviews from our Chief Flight Instructor. We monitor your training at all levels to make sure that you meet your objectives, maintain your schedule and stay on budget.

  • A one-on-one approach that gets results: American Winds has a 100% graduation and airline placement rate for ten years.

  • A 100% pass rate for eight years straight amongst seven independent examiners for all courses:Private, Instrument, and Commercial Licenses. In ten years, a 99% pass rate.

  • American Winds has a well-stocked pilot shop, with more that 150 items including FAA VFR & IFR charts for the eastern part of the U.S.A.

  • FAA Computerized written testing (CATS) on site, enabling you to take all FAA tests and receive instant results.


American Winds Offers Several Ways to Train:

Part 141 - FAA Approved Syllabus

Part 61 - General Training

Accelerated Program - Part 141 or Part 61

View Our Academic Catalog