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September 11, 2001 is a date that will live in infamy. From their home just outside Boston, Massachusetts, Denise Hobart and Mike Kolomichuk watched the twin towers attacked, burn and collapse. They knew at that point their lives would change forever. The United States was shaken and the aviation world was in turmoil. Denise Hobart, a commercial pilot, was working at Hanscom Airport 18 miles west of Boston Logan Airport. She was preparing to leave the corporate flying world to begin flying for the airlines. This husband and wife team had a simple goal; to permanently reside in Northeast Ohio, purchase season tickets for the Cleveland Indians and Browns, and for Mike to enjoy his retirement.

Hanscom Airport was closed due to the fact that it was part military. Now, unemployed and uncertain in early December 2001, Denise contemplated her future in aviation with words such as sadness and disappointment. With 35 years of entrepreneurial background, Mike said, "It's going to be OK, we're going to start our own company and we will control our own destiny. That day, another American dream was born.

Denise and Mike returned to their home in Ohio, amongst these less than idyllic conditions, American Winds Flight Academy and Air Charter was conceived of nothing less than hard work, tremendous dedication and a passion for aviation. With the opening of AWFA, the couple turned in their former titles of unemployed and retired, with Mike becoming President of the company and Denise the Chief Instructor/Pilot.